Analytics Dashboard

The site analytics dashboard give you a summary view about the analytics for your site. You can use this to keep up to date about the recent performance of your content and see which content is currently trending.


At the top you can pick the timeframe you would like to review being either shorter or longer.

Select the appropriate timeframe

Displays and plays

We showcase the displays (a video player has been loaded) and the plays (someone has played or autoplayed the video) over time. If the number of plays is close to the number displays this means that your content often trigger the user to play your videos (or that you have mastered autoplay. Use this graph to see how your plays vary over the time span to see if there are any specific trends.

Displays and views over time


In the engagement graph you will see a summary of how much of the average video file that people view. You can see the number of people that have started to watch a video and see how they drop off as more and more of the video has been viewed. Since this picture is a summary for all videos on your site it looks at the percentage of content watched (since videos can be of different length and if we convert it to percentages it can be compared).

Displays and views over time

Most played

The most played videos section give you an overview which content has generated most views over the time period. It is a good view to understand the overall performance of different videos.

Most played videos

Devices and OS

The devices and operating systems view can help you to draw conclusions about your audience and help you to adjust your content accordingly. For example if you see that mobile viewing is very high you can think about making shorter clips and potentially using a slightly lower resolution whereas if you have a very high desktop viewing people generally are able to watch for a longer time. The list of different handheld operating systems is helpful to understand more about the profile of your audience with regards to device capabilties.

Displays and views over time


In the players section you can see in which of your video players the video has been viewed. In case you use different players in different parts of the site you can find out where the video has been played.



In the Hostnames section you can see the breakdown of video plays per domain. This can be very helpful to understand where the video plays are generated.

Plays per hostname


The country breakdown is helpful if you are an international publisher or a local publisher to see where your audience comes from. Sometimes it is surprising to see so many customers looking at your content from abroad.

Video plays by country