Comscore Analytics

This plugin allows you to track your media content in Comscore. It supports VoD, livestreams as well as ads tracking. The Flowplayer platform analytics are not replaced by usage of this plugin.


Flowplayer native, ads plugin if you want to measure ads and the Flowplayer platform integration plugin if you want to use macro replacement for titles and other metadata.

Manual installation

For standlone Javascript setups, add the plugin next to the core player:

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>
<!-- add further plugins if required -->

Player and plugins exist in different release versions. Please see the release channel documentation.

OVP managed player

To enable the plugin in the [async player](/player/embedding#using-cloud-hosted-js-embed, declare it in the "plugins": [] config object with comscore . The plugin is currently not supported in iframe embeds.

Configuration (mandatory)

You can configure the plugin with top level configuration option comscore .

Example of top level configuration:

comscore: {
    account_id: "your-comscoure-account-id",
    c3: "your-c3-value",
    media_title: "[media_name]",
    media_id: "[media_id]",
    ns_st_ep: "episode name",
    ns_st_ia: "",
    ns_st_c4: "",
    ns_st_c6: ""

Configuration properties:

    • property
    • description
    • account_id
    • Your Comscore account id, also referred to as c2
    • c3
    • The c3 value provided to you by Comscore.
    • media_title
    • Use string directly or [media_name] as a placeholder for media title in metadata event.
    • media_id
    • Use string directly or [media_id] as a placeholder for media id in metadata event.
    • ns_st_*
    • There are several more Comscore values that can be specified in the config. Please read the general Comscore documentation for all available properties.

Tracked Events

The plugin tracks following events:

    • event
    • description
    • ad_started
    • Sent at the start of each ad
    • ad_complete
    • Sent at end of each ad
    • video_started
    • Sent first time the video/livestream playback start
    • video_resume
    • Sent each time the video/livestream playback start after being paused
    • video_resume
    • Sent each time the video/livestream playback is paused
    • video_complete
    • Sent when the video/livesteam has finished playing
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