User properties

These settings can be modified at the Account page.

Account section


By clicking on the picture or its placeholder you can upload a image file to represents you (for exampel in the forums). We recommend to preformat the image, but you can also use the crop option to select a portion of the uploaded file.

crop avatar

User ID

Your unique ID in our platform. This is a read-only property which you might need for example when using the platform API. Click on the text to copy the ID to your clipboard.

Display name


The username was used on our public forums (discontinued) and might be used again at a later time.


Your email address. Make sure it's valid and you can receive emails from (check your spam filter settings if in doubt).


Since Flowplayer customers are spread across the world, we provide the possibility to set an individual time zone per user. By default the time zone is inherited from the time zone of the Workspace, or the time zone settings of your browser. Here you can manually set a time zone.

Email notifications section

Determines whether you will receive an email each time a new video was successfully encoded and added to your account.

Password section

Change your password by entering the old and new password (you need to confirm the new password by typing it in twice).