webOS support

The webos plugin adds platform-specific behavior and functionality for webOS. webOS powers the Smart TVs from LG.


Include the webos plugin next to the core player:

<script src="//cdn.flowplayer.com/releases/native/3/stable/flowplayer.min.js"></script>
<script src="//cdn.flowplayer.com/releases/native/3/stable/plugins/webos.min.js"></script>


There is no extra configuration required for the plugin.

App development

If you are creating an application for webOS there are some gotchas.

Disable history API

In your appinfo.json you should disable back button on remote control to use the history API:

  "...": "...",
  "disableBackHistoryAPI": true

Handle back button from player

The player will handle the back buttons internally. If you hit back button from your remote when the player is in a "neutral" state the player will emit the flowplayer.webos.events.EXIT_FULLSCREEN event that you can handle in your app:

player.on(flowplayer.webos.events.EXIT_FULLSCREEN, () => { // Exit from videoplayer requested
  window.webOS.platformBack() // shut down app