Manual playlists

A manual playlist is one where you choose the exact videos you want in the list and also how to arrange them.

Create a manual playlist

  1. Go to the playlists view and click on Add new
  2. Choose Manual and click Continue
  3. Now you need to add videos to your playlist

    • Click on Add videos to open the video list. You can use the search options to find the videos you want more easily
    • To add a video to the playlist, simply drag it with your pointer over to the list and drop it there. Repeat with all the videos you want to add.
    • To rearrange the videos in the playlist, simply drag them with your pointer to change their positions.

    You can also quickly arrange the videos by various parameters by clicking Arrange by and selecting the parameter you want to arrange by.

    • When you're satisfied with the videos in your playlist, click Continue.
  4. On the last step you have to type in a name for your playlist. You can also type a description if you wish so.
    A preview of the videos in the playlist is displayed below. If you want to make any changes to the video list, simply go back and do so. Otherwise, click on Create playlist and you're done!