Livestreaming services are available with Enterprise subscriptions.

Advanced livestreaming

Possible source setups for livestreams

Flowplayer allow you to create livestreams in three different ways:

  1. Use Flowplayers Live encoding to create a livestream
  2. Register a remote livestream in Flowplayer
  3. Use a third party livestream and play it using the Player API

Below is an overview of the different options:

Flowplayer livestream

We always recommend that you use Flowplayer and let us take care of the encoding to ensure that you benefit from flawless playback on every screen and also take advantage of our optimized CDN to ensure flawless playback across all networks in the world. You can easily create a livestream using Flowplayer.

Remote livestream

We also offer you the possibility to create a remote livestream in case it is more practical for you. A common case is if you have a collaboration partner that is already encoding the stream. In this case you can easily insert that stream into your player using a remote livestream. You publish a remote livestream exactly like a normal livestream.

By creating a remote livestream in Flowplayer you will get analytics with and can take advantage of other functionality in Flowplayer such as metadata handling. In addition you benefit from automatic upgrades and improved ways of handling livestreams in the player as we take care and optimize the loading of assets across different platforms.

Third party livestream

In case you want to host the livestream yourself or using a third party, but do not want any of the features listed with remote livestreams, you are free to only use the player and load your source files directly into the player. Publish a player and configure it with your sources as specified in the player documentation.