Replacing videos

Our platform provides you with the ability to replace the original source file of a video. This is useful in cases when, for instance, there's a problem with the original or you simply have a newer version of the content and don't want to create a new video because you have existing links and embed codes in use for this video.

This method will retain the mediaid of the video so all embeds using the OVP ids (with the OVP-managed player or the platform integration plugin) will receive the replaced content without the need to re-embed.

To replace a video, select it in the Videos list and click on

Manage files

Next, click on

Replace original video file
and select the new video file you want to use.

The new video file will start to get uploaded. The upload will continue in the background if you navigate to other views in the web app but if you refresh the page or navigate to a different website, the upload will stop and you'll have to repeat the process. Once the upload is finished, the encoding of the video file will start and when that has finished, the video has been successfully replaced.

NOTE: While the new video file is being encoded, users that try to watch the video may see a "We're processing this video" message. Users who were already watching the video when the encoding was started will continue to watch the previous version of the video as long as their player instance is kept alive. This behavior may change in the future.