Async AdTag with async cloud players

Demonstrates the use of globally defined adTags in async cloud players.

Sample implementation


HTML code

  <div data-player-id="a40cfb3f-49ee-4969-bce6-336c70096aa4"><script src="//">{"src": "3ca57be7-6628-45e3-9f23-bba96493ac05"}</script></div>


// use `my_ad_tag_fetcher` as the function name in the code and the OVP adTag configuration
window.my_ad_tag_fetcher = function() {
  return new Promise(resolve => {
    // we use an IMA3 sample tag here, you would use your own
    const ad_tag_url = ""

Replace the player script and id with your own, the example only works on

Standalone demo

global adTag with async cloud players