Adds cuepoint support to Flowplayer Native.

Manual installation

To use the plugin in standalone Javascript setups, load the plugin next to the core player.

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>

Player and plugins exist in different release versions. Please see the release channel documentation.

OVP managed async players

To enable the plugin in the async cloud player, declare it in the "plugins": [] config object with cuepoints .

Configuration (mandatory)

You can configure the plugin with top level configuration option cuepoints. cuepoints accepts an array of Json-objects that must contain at least startTime and endTime properties which represents the start and end time, in seconds, for each cuepoint.

Configuration options

Cuepoints can be added on the timeline-element and are stylable with class fp-cuepoint, by using the top level configuration property draw_cuepoints.

In the configuration root (top level):

    • property
    • values
    • description
    • draw_cuepoints v3.4.6
    • true , false
    • whether to show the cuepoints in the timeline. Can be styled through the .fp-cuepoint CSS class.

Inside the cuepoints: [{}, {}] array objects:

    • property
    • description
    • startTime
    • numeric value in seconds (or fractions) to add cuepoint
    • endTime
    • numeric value in seconds (or fractions) to remove cuepoint
    • msg
    • the message to be triggered by the cupeoint

Please note the end and start properties were changed to endTime and startTime with the v3.x releases, while draw_cuepoints was removed from v3.0 until v3.5 and reintroduce in v3.6



    • property
    • description
    • cuepoints
    • An array with currently used cuepoints
    • events
    • Events that can be listened to or fired
    • When new cuepoints added
    • When start time for a cuepoint is passed
    • When end time or a cuepoint is passed

Add/Remove cuepoints

Adding and removing cuepoints while playing can done, by emitting the CUEPOINTS event, and modifying the player's opts.cuepoints property using ordinary array methods.

    { cuepoints: player.opts.cuepoints.concat({startTime: 1, endTime: 3}) }

Sample code

var player = flowplayer('#container', {
    src: ""
    , cuepoints: [
        {startTime: 0.5, endTime:3, msg: "Cuepoint 1"}
        , {startTime: 5, endTime:7, msg: "Cuepoint 2"}
        , {startTime: 10, endTime:15, msg: "Cuepoint 3"}
        , {startTime: 20, endTime:24, msg: "Cuepoint 4"}

player.on(, function(e) {
    console.log('Cuepoint started',;
player.on(, function(e) {
    console.log('Cuepoint ended');

Demo demo