Accessibility introduction


Today's World Wide Web attempts to be more inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities or other handicaps. Standards recommendations like WCAG 2.1 strive to help achieve this goal.

Flowplayer Native is built to support accessibility, but you as a content owner need to take the following actions:

Here's a screenshot from a localized player with subtitles and keyboard shortcuts (not really seen on a still image)

Localized player


Manual Javascript setup

You need to include the keyboard plugin for keyboard navigation. See the plugin documentation for available commands.

<script src="//"></script>

OVP managed player

To enable the accessibility features in the async cloud player, load it in the configuration, either manually as shown in the code snippets below, or by adding it in the plugin section of the OVP player configurator:

<script src="//[your player id]/native/flowplayer.async.js">
{ "src": "[your source id]"
  , "plugins": ["keyboard"]


No additional configuration is needed for the keyboard plugin. For full accessibility, make sure to offer captions/subtitles and localize the player.