Manage your video and audio inventory

This document explains how to list, search and filter the assets in your video (and audio) library.

The list column

Each workspace has a Videos section which will list all VOD clips (video and audio) uploaded to this workspace. By default it will display a thumbnail image, the title and the publish time.

<img alt="Workspace videos list" src="/user/pages/images/videos_list.png" width="297" height="352" /title="Open the workspace video list."><figcaption>Open the workspace video list.</figcaption>

Additionally you can also list the video/audio assets for the whole organization by selecting the organziation view (accessible if your are an org admin).

<img alt="Organization videos list" src="/user/pages/images/videos_list_org.png" width="295" height="230" /title="List all videos for the organization."><figcaption>List all videos for the organization.</figcaption>

Expanded list column

Expanding the list by clicking the >> icon will also show you the publish status (green = published, grey = unpublished) and the publish time. For videos unpublished after a previous publish, you'll see the publish and unpublish times.

<img alt="Videos list expanded" src="/user/pages/images/videos_list_expand.png" width="380" height="136" /title="Expand the list for more details"><figcaption>Expand the list for more details</figcaption>

Sorting videos

You can easily sort assets by clicking the Sort By headers and the ▲ resp. ▼ symbols for ascending or descending order. You can sort by name, duration, publish time and creation time.

<img alt="Videos list sorting" src="/user/pages/images/videos_list_sort.png" width="336" height="205" /title="Sort the list"><figcaption>Sort the list</figcaption>

Filtering videos

To narrow down the list of videos, either enter text in the search box to select matching titles, or click the filter symbol and filter by category and/or tag.

<img alt="Videos list filtering" src="/user/pages/images/videos_list_filter.png" width="439" height="129" /title="Filter for specific videos"><figcaption>Filter for specific videos</figcaption>