Frame-accurate Seeking

Adds support for seeking to specific frames and SMPTE timecodes.

Since some browsers prohibit acccess to individual frames, the plugin uses a time-calculation approach which is not 100% accurate, but very close.

Manual Javascript setup

Include the plugin next to the core player:

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>

Player and plugins exist in different release versions. Please see the release channel documentation.

OVP managed async player

To enable the plugin in the async cloud player, declare it in the "plugins": [] configuration array with fas Optionally configure the frame rate in the "fas": namespace.

The FAS plugin is not available in iframe embed codes.


The plugin is configured with the top level configuration object fas.

Configuration properties:

    • parameter
    • description
    • frame_rate
    • The frame rate of current video. 30 is assumed if omited.


The API lives under fas namespace in the Player API.

    • method
    • description
    • current_frame()
    • Returns the frame at current time.
    • current_timecode()
    • Returns the current SMPTE timecode.
    • seek_to(timecode_or_frame)
    • Seeks to either SMPTE timecode or frame number. If a string is passed as argument, SMPTE timecode is assumed. If a number is passed, frame number is assumed.
    • jump(n)
    • Seeks n frames forward (or backward if a negative number is passed).

Sample code

var player = flowplayer('#container', {
  src: '//',
  fas: {
    frame_rate: 29.97