Adapt the player to non-english speaking audiences.


All text strings in the player can be translated. By default only the english translations are included. Additionally you can choose to include translations for specific languages or all available translations.


In order to install translations to the player you need to include translation files for the desired languages:

<!-- Include the finnish tranlations -->
<script src="//"></script>

<!-- Include all translations -->
<script src="//"></script>

The localization changes the language on the various elements in the player as follows:

Localized elements

Here's a screenshot from a German setup:

Localized player


The player will choose the language based on the browser's language preferences, if the associated language file is loaded. It will step through all languages until a matching one is found.

The default language can also be configured with the top level property lang:

flowplayer("#player", {
  src: "...",
  token: "<your token>",
  lang: "fi" // Finnish language [ISO 639-1 code](

You can also script selection buttons if you want to offer a choice of languages to your audience, see the demo.

Available languages

Missing your language?

If your language is not available and you'd like to contribute a translation, clone the English translation set, rename it with the ISO code of your language, change the language code var in line 4 and the export definition in the last line, edit the translated elements (everything in parenthesis) and create a pull request in the translations repo. You can also contact us at to submit the translation.


Demo on codepen