Inviting a new user

You can invite a new user by entering an email address and then deciding if the user should have a Google invite or a regular invite sent. You also decide which access privileges a user should have. After completion the user will receive an email and can log in to the service.

Only users / emails not connected to an existing account can be invited.

Login mechanisms supported

When a new user is invited you can decide which credentials should be used to authenticate the user. Flowplayer support login using the following mechanisms:

  • Email / password
  • Google Account Sign-in

We suggest that you use Google sign-in if Google is managing your email. The benefits of this are:

  • Users only need to keep one account information leading to fewer security risks and problems with lost passwords
  • If someone leave your organization and you revoke access rights from a certain user in Google, Access to Flowplayer is also revoked at the same time. If you use a regular email / password you would need to go into Flowplayer and delete the user account when someone leave your company and should not have access any longer.
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