DRM-protected media

If you prepare the player using a FlowplayerMedia and the media that is defined in the Flowplayer config is DRM-protected, then the player will automatically take care of the DRM.

If, however, you wish to prepare the player with an ExternalMedia that has DRM-protected content, then you should provide a DrmConfig when you initialize your media instance:

val drmConfig = DrmConfig(DrmConfig.Scheme.WIDEVINE, "https://link.to.a.drm.license")
val externalMedia = ExternalMedia("https://link.to.a.media.file", drmConfig)
flowplayerView.prepare(externalMedia, true)

The Flowplayer Android SDK is based on ExoPlayer which in turn uses Android's MediaDrm API to support DRM-protected playbacks. The minimum Android versions required for different supported DRM schemes, along with the streaming formats for which they're supported, are listed below.

DRM scheme Android version number Android API level Supported formats
Widevine "cenc" 4.4 19 DASH, HLS (FMP4 only)
Widevine "cbcs", "cbc1" and "cens" 7.1 25 DASH, HLS (FMP4 only)
ClearKey 5.0 21 DASH
PlayReady SL2000 AndroidTV AndroidTV DASH, SmoothStreaming, HLS (FMP4 only)
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