Browser support

List of supported browsers. Only major vendors and versions are listed, because otherwise the list would have tens of thousands of entries. We always support the current stable release of a browser if it's listed; the previous stable release will usually also work.

Edge 18 (1)           ✅
Edge 99+              ✅
IE11 (2)              ✅
Chrome 99+            ✅
Firefox 98+           ✅
iOS 14+               ✅
Safari                ✅
Safari on MacOS       ✅
Android               ✅
Android Chrome        ✅
Samsung Browser (1)   ✅

(1) The old Edge version (non Chromium) will be deprecated when Microsoft derepcated it.

(2) IE11 support was deprecated after v2.9.1 , please see the IE11 immutable semver.

(3) We've seen cases where Samsung Browser is missing MediaSource support-.