Getting started with Flowplayer

This document describes how to put a video on your site with the right design, behavior, and (optional) advertisement. Once in place, we'll take a look at analytics and see how it performs.

1. Uploading a video

Go to the Videos area and hit the Add videos button:

Uploading videos

2. Configure a player

The next thing is to configure a player that matches your site, or some specific area on your site. Please hit Players from the sidebar:

Configuring a player

3. Setup advertising

The next thing you might want is to configure advertising. You can create an ad schedule from a list of configurable ad tags. Head on to Advertising area from the sidebar:

Ad tags

Ad tags

4. Embed the video

Now we can embed the video on your website. Please select the correct video and hit the Publish button:

Embedding a video

Your player configuration and ad schedule are now available there as options.

Let's play

Here's the above video in action

5. View analytics

Next, we can check the Analytics of the video:

Viewing analytics

6. Self-hosted videos (optional)

You can alternatively host videos on your servers and still take advantage of advertising, player configurations, and analytics. To do that create a remote video asset or grab the embed code just like in above, but choose the "JavaScript" embed style. Then point your video with the src attribute like this:

<div data-player-id="<player id>">
  <script src="//<site id>/native/flowplayer.async.js">
    { "src": "<your video path>" }

For details on the src attribute, please check the video source documentation