Getting started with analytics

Flowplayer focus on getting you the most important video metrics to give you insights how your content is performing and how your audience is engaging with it. We recently updated our analytics capabilities and here we introduce our new analytics in a blog entry. For more details continue to read below.

Video analytics

For each platform video embedded with Flowplayer Native you can find detailed analytics about the video and the audience by scrolling down in the video view in your account. This include things such as:

  • views
  • engagement
  • players
  • domains
  • countries

For a full deep dive see our video analytics help.

Video analytics are available for videos hosted by us and for remote video assets (meaning they are registered in our system) if embedded with Flowplayer Native. External videos without a Flowplayer src id or platform videos embedded with their stream url instead of the id cannot be tracked. If you intent to embed with a standalone Javascript embed, using the platform integration plugin and the Flowplayer src id is mandatory.

Livestream analytics

To get the best understanding about your livestream performance and engagement we have included a specific livestream analytics as part of each livestream. You go to the livestream view in your account in question and scroll down to see the analytics. Examples of what you can see is:

  • current livestream viewers (in real-time)
  • players
  • domains
  • countries

More information is available in our livestream analytics section.

Analytics dashboard

To give you an overview how your content is performing you can see the analytics dashboard help. The dashboard in your account will help you answer questions like:

  • which content is most popular?
  • how was the overall audience?
  • how was the overall engagement?
  • what is the trend?


For a list of our analytics metrics and their definitions you can see our analytics reference.

Analytics API

We provide access to our analytics from our analytics API.