Release channels

    • Channel
    • Automagic Updates
    • Description
    • stable
    • The latest stable release deployed from our repository to the CDN, well-tested, and production ready.
    • canary (bleeding edge)
    • The latest releases as quick as we can cut them, perfect for testing your code base against what is coming down the line.
    • immutable semver
    • Perfect for building deep platform integrations, where potential breaking changes are a concern.

URL structure

From release 3 on, the CDN urls for the files have the following structure: [CDN_BASE]/releases/native/[MAJOR_VERSION]/[RELEASE_CHANNEL]/:asset.


The previous releases v1 and v2 used the flat release channel structure (ie:


Well-tested and battle hardened, generally have been through at least two rounds of feedback to ensure code quality.



We do perform internal testing before deployed, but every once in a while bugs might get through. Ideal for verifying bug fixes before changing production code or trying new features before they are in wide release. This was previously called edge , the old links like will of course continue to work.


Immutable Semver

When version locking is required by your development team. These assets are never changed once deployed, hence immutable. Each stable release is tagged with a semver version and deployed here.


Async cloud players

The format for calling a cloud player to use a release channel is:[playerid]/native/flowplayer.async.js?release_channel=[stable|canary][playerid]/native/flowplayer.async.js?release_channel=v[semver]

The default channel for async cloud player is v3 stable.


All release channels have a changelog auto-generated from our commit history that follows the format:

format can be html or xml in this case. The xml formats allow integrations into your SlackOps channels via the Slack RSS plugin.

An example changelog to demonstrate our url format would be

Additionally there is a prettified changelog for stable right here.

Final IE11 Immutable Release

Although support for IE has been dropped going forward, there is a single, immutable release available as in interim tool as companies deprecate their reliance on IE11. This release exists using this form:

and this can be accomplished with a cloud player via:[playerid]/native/flowplayer.async.js?release_channel=ie11

Please be aware this release receives no updates, and is solely there as a temporary tool.